Nina Hynes Musical Releases



Goldmine Dancing Suns(2013)

A Generous Act(2011)

Sending Letters to the Sea (2009)

Really Really Do(2008)


Creation (1999)



Songs from the Lockdown(2020)

I see a better life 2019

Raging Fire (2019)

Honeymood(2004) Can I sleep now(2002)

Can I Sleep Now (2001)





White Butterfly

Bones and skin and hair



Bloom-Commissioned for film 'Aimer La Vie' by Nadia Genet

Dingaling Time


Lost Office-Commissioned by OJAI

Warsaw-Commisioned by Club Real-

efördert aus Mitteln der Projektförderung Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

Unfuck the world )2019)

Raging Fire 2019

Mono Prix(2002)

Universal / This Magic Stuff (2002)


Nina Hynes and The Star Children-Residency at Ponderosa Dance Centre (2021)

fake anna-project with US actor dancer Frank Willens(2020-2023)

Super Extra Bonus Party(2016, 2023)

Blanket of death-Icelandic band debut album(2016)


The Gregory Walkers(2015)-Walk this Way-musical

collaborationcrossing genres

Raging Fire-Art Music Video with Yvonne Mc Guinness(2015)

A Winter's light-musical residency/group collaboration/recording at the

Model, Sligo(2014)

Trailblaze series of concerts, Dublin(2013)

Artist:A Generous Act(2011)

Artist: Sending Letters to the Sea(2009)

Title: Sending Letters to the Sea

Artist: Herm

Title: Year of the Horse(2009)

Artist: Super Extra Bonus Party(2007)

Title: Super Extra Bonus Party

Artist: A=Apple(2006)


Artist: Jimmy Behan

Title: Days Are What We Live In (2004)

Artist: Messiah J & The Expert

Title:No Bagsies, No Keepsies

Artist: Hector Zazou

Title: Strong Currents (2003)

Jane Birkin and Melanie Gabriel covered

Nina’s songs on Hector Zazou’s album ‘Strong Currents’(2004).

Artist: The Array(2003)

Title: First World Power Conference

Artist: Katell Keineg

Shaking The Disease (October 31 2003) Artist:

Cillian Murphy

Title: Away from you(Disco Pigs)(2001)

Live Performances with a-apple(2002-2017)

LIVE 1998-2022

Nina Hynes plays spordic shows and creates boutique theatrical performances.

She has toured extensively in the US and in Europe and over the years, supported many well-known acts including Roxy Music,

Stereolab, Glen Hansard Damien Rice, Julie Cruise, Smog, David Gray, Joan as a Police Woman.

Nina Hynes has been releasing albums since 1999.

She spent her childhood believing she would be a film director/photographer and an actress. She grew up in Ireland and studied drama and theatre from the age of 3 and spent most of her teenage years attending plays at The Gate, The Abbey, The Focus Theatre and any new and exciting small theatres or workshops that she could find. She spent two years attending the renowned Deirdre O'Connell's Saturday salons at The Focus Theatre. Life had other plans though and music took over.

After taking a year out in the wilds of Donegal, she busked in Dublin and Paris for a couple of years and then began to play weekly at the songwriting night in The International bar in Dublin. This led to touring in Europe(1997-1998), playing electric guitar, singing and making sounds with experimental legends Hector Zazou, Harold Budd, Christian Le Chevretel and Alex Kid.

She had been playing around with a Fostex 8 channel 4 track tape machine for years but in 2003, she made the decision to study sound engineering and music technology so she would not have to rely soley on sound engineers to express herself. Experimentation, observations, emotions, songs and stories remain at the core of her work. Playfulness and a general feeling of drifting in a Sci-Fi has been a recurring theme.

She has released 5 solo records independently and contiues to create and produce work that she releases regulary on her own label Transplant Records.

Nina Hynes CV

Works beyond the solo records


March National Concert Hall Performance 'Daughters of the Pirate Queen' with Eimear Noone

"Baby Alive" song as sountrack in the new film "Sisi und Ich" Directed by

Frauke Finsterwalder

Making a personal film with Cinematographer Director Neil Dowling

Writing a dystopian musical with an underlying Utopian vision


Various Residencies and research awards(see below)

Soundtrack for A ‘call to action’ project in support of the work of

UNFPA, the United Nation exhibition, Clifden, Ireland

Composing for 'The Pirate Queen' with conductor Eimear Noone

Release of ‘Sweet Confectionary’ video with dancer Edith Buttingsrud

Pederson Directed and choreographed by Nina



Flytig_Fugtive- Norway Residency, composition and performance

Musikfonds stipend for harp research and composition

Fonds Daku theatre-dance residency for fake anna research

UNCERTAIN UNITIES- Daze Of The Futures-Residency at Ponderosa Arts Centre

'Meluzine and The Cosmic Band' 2x week Residency at Uferstudios

streamed live to Vienna Konzerthaus

Irish Arts Council Music Bursary

Gema Award


Traditional Harp Lessons with the Online Academy of Irish Music

Release of ‘Looking for you’- music film written and Directed by Nina Hynes 

Soundtrack to film -‘Aimer La Vie’ Directed by Nadia Genet, Ateliers

Varan, Paris

‘fake anna’ composing and writing for ‘Beyond Binaries’- a

multi-faceted Berlin-based duo

with US dancer/actor Frank Willens


Release of video ‘Unfuck The World’- with Dancer Caia Leseure and Choreography by Nina Hynes

Recording and Mixing album ZAP!


Europeam Tour with Academy Award Winner Glen Hansard

Crowdfunding and Recording Album ZAP!

‘Aimer La Vie’ Premiere, Ateliers Varan, Paris



'Aimer La Vie'-French Feature Film by Nadia Genet

Sound pieces x 2 for Mark Garry Solo show-The Mac Belfast

Soundtrack to 'Glue' premiere-IFI Dublin


Before the last sun sets, Commissioned Sound pieces x 4 for

installations and flms by Yvonne McGuinness at Lough Key Park, Roscommon

'Borders' -Illuminations Gallery, Maynooth

Commissioned Sound pieces x 5 for Yvonne McGuinness

Soundtrack to 'Glue'-a feature film by Artists Oisin Byrne and Gary


-screening premiere at Goldsmiths, London 


Sound pieces-Mark Garry permanent installation at the Mac , Belfast

Sound piece-Film by Linda Quinlan at Bloomberg Space, London


Water that Sleeps soundtrack to film by Ruth Le Gear

Sound piece for 'On the Edge of Eden' by Roisin Loughrey at Leitrim Sculpture


Events 2018

Curation and organisation of 'Craw' an Alternative Irish Arts Festival

in Berlin



'The Pirate Queen' National Concert Hall with Eimear Noone


Cairde Festival, Sligo X 2 Perfomances

Ponderosa Harvest fetival solo Performance

Meluzine Sci Fi Performance at Ufer Studios


fake anna Grieving Week performance at Ponderosa Dance Centre

Meluzine Sci-Fi Performance at Ufer Dance  Studios


European tour supporting Glen Hansard

Born Optomistic Whelans, Dublin-Mic Cristopher tribute concert

Popshultz Studio Berlin performance

Cairde Arts festival musical performance

Single Launch Concert at Lost Lane, Dublin

'Rezonen'-at The Renaissance theatre-Nina is one of two non-German artists to take part in a collaborative evening with fifteen renowned and respected German musical artists curated by Yoyo Rohm


National Concert Hall Turkana Concert choir arrangement

and performance

Musical Performance with 5-piece band at Craw

Dance choreography and electronc musical performance at Craw Festival

Schokoladen Berlin 13-piece band performance performance


Week of workshops with saxaphonist Matana

Roberts and performance at HKW, Berlin Acud Berlin, 10-piece band performance


The Model Sligo concert with Longford children's choir

An Cruthu Arts festival headline with Longford children's choir

Raging Fire Art Music Video with Yvonne Mc Guinness

'Walk this Way'-musical collaboration-crossing genres with The

Gregory Walkers

Various Berlin concerts


Berlin Bilingual School choir arrangement and performance at Universität der

Kunste Berlin̈

'Let's talk about Ireland'

Performance with The Crash Ensemble, The Discovery Gospel choir

and St. Brigid’s Girls School Choir Cabinteely

Fingal County Council 20 years of Arts-Farmleigh House performance

with The

Lambay Singers Choir

A Winter's light-musical residency/collaboration/recording at the

Model Sligo

Dancing Suns-with The Discovery Gospel Choir; The Fringe Festival,



Dancing Suns Album Launch-Pepper Cannister Church

Dancing Suns-Body and Soul, Wanderlust

Trailblaze Rites of Passage series of events/concerts with St. Brigid's


School Choir Killester at the Pepper Cannister Church and Trinity



Dancing Suns- Recording the album Goldmine


‘A generous Act’ at The Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh-Performances, composing and Recording an album

Buddy Buddy theatre performance at HBC

Arranging and Performing music with choirs

2015 Longford children's choir, Ireland

2014 Music workshops at BBS Berlin with choir

St. Brigid’s Girls School Choir Cabinteely,Dublin

The Discovery Gospel Choir

The Lambay Singers Choir

2013 St. Brigid's Girls School Choir Killester, Dublin

2012 Aspiro Choir, arrangement


Sound Engineering-Music Technology-St. Thomas College Bray

Recording Producing 'Really Really Do' with David Odlum


Sound pieces, performance and photo slides-'Mark'- Project Arts Centre ,Dublin

Tripswitch- 5th Gallery ,Guinness Storehouse

Ascend: Thomas Clarke Tower Ballymun Dublin 14 Artists(2001)

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